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When you {work with|hire} a professional sports photographer the {objective|main objective|main goal|goal} is to {record|capture} as much of the drama and action as {you possibly can|possible}. {But we|We} {take it|go} a step {further|further though}, we {aim|also want} to capture the fun and passion into {every|each} {photo|snapshot|photograph} that we take.
{Would you like|Want to {receive|get}} a {no-obligation|free|FREE} {quotation|estimate|quote}? {If so,|Then} {we can be reached at|call us at|get in touch via} the {telephone number|number} above, or {you can complete|complete} the form below and we’ll get straight back to {you soon|you shortly|you}!

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sports photographer near meAs one of the {top|premier|leading} sports {photography companies|photographers} in {the city|{city}|the area}, we {provide|offer} a top {first class|{high|quality}} service {at an affordable price|{at|at very} affordable pricing}. We are {experienced|well versed} in shooting at live-event and {use|employ} the right techniques and equipment to {ensure|make sure} we {capture|get} the {perfect|right} shots at the event. There are no {replays|’do-overs’} in live sporting events, so we know we {have|need} to be ready and continuously shooting to {get|capture} those once-in-a-lifetime {photographs|shots} – something that is {almost impossible|hard} to do when you are {both a|a} spectator watching the game {while|and} taking periodic photographs.

{As experienced sports photographers, we|We} have the correct {skills|skill-set}, and {sports photography experience|experience} to {guarantee that|make sure} you {won’t|don’t} regret {selecting|choosing} us.

As well as sports photography, we {also|can also} offer:

  • Professional Headshots
  • Family Portraits
  • Baby Photographs
  • Pet Photography
  • Senior Portraits
  • ..and much more!

{{Please ask to check out|Why not get in touch and ask to look at} our {sports photography portfolio of work|sports photography portfolio}|Our sports photography portfolio of work is available upon request}? So please {reach out to us|get in touch} and we’d be {more than happy|happy} to provide you with as much information as you need{ to|, as well as offering testimonials, so you can} decide if {we are|we’re} the sports photography company that you would like {to carry out your photography work|to work with} here in {city}. No need for you to ask yourself “how can I find a {quality|reliable} sports photographer {in my town|{in {my|this} area|{close to|near} me}}?”, just pick up the phone and dial |#telephone#|##|city – We look forward to {speaking to|hearing from} you soon!

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Call us to schedule an appointment at |#telephone#|##|city

{A Few {Questions|Things} To|Questions You Should} Ask When {You Are Considering Hiring|Hiring} a Sports Photographer

If {the photographer answers|the answer} is no {then I would advise you to|then} stop right {there and look for an alternative photographer|there}. No need to continue the {discussion|conversation}. {Should|If} you {employ|hire} a {relative|friend} or {aquaintance|someone you know} to {carry out the task|take the photographs}, and they {{cause|have} an accident|trip and injure someone}, who is going to {cover|pay} for the medical {expenses|bills}. {Keep in mind|Remember} in the {United States|USA} people sue very quickly so you need to {protect yourself|be protected}. 

If the answer is yes, then {keep|continue} {asking questions|questioning} to {see|find out} how much coverage {the insurance carries|is afforded inside the insurance}, what {is and isn’t included in the policy|does and doesn’t it cover}, and who {has to pay|is liable} for any {deductions|out of pocket expense} that {aren’t covered|the insurance doesn’t cover}?

Also {ensure that|make sure} you get a copy of the insurance {before|prior to} the event {to|just} to {be|make} sure the {insurance policy|insurance} really does exist and that it is still {current|active}.

You {ought to|will need to|should|will want to} know how long the {applicant|person|vendor} has been {doing sports photography|a sports photographer}, where they {did|carried out} their {photographic|photgraphy} training and what {qualifications|certifications|diplomas}, if any {that|do} they have. {Do|Ask if} they belong to any photographer associations {or|and} if they’ve ever won any {photographic|photgraphy} competitions. If the answer is yes, always ask to see {evidence|proof}. 

{A|Any} {good|confidant|reputable} and {reliable|experienced} sports photographer {should|will} have no problem in {offering|providing you with} references from previous {customers|clients}. {Be sure to|Make sure you} call them and {get their {take on|opinons of} the photographer. A|a}sk questions such as:

  • Was {he/she|the photographer} {a pleasure|easy} to work with?
  • What were the {final shots|end results} like? Were you {satisfied|happy}?
  • Would you {hire|employ|use} {him/her|this same photographer} again?

{Request|Ask} to {look at|see} samples of their {work|sports photography} from different {sporting events|events}. This {should|wil}l give you a {better|good} {idea|sense} of the depth of {their|the photographer’s} work and how good they {really are|are}. {In addition|Also}, by {checking out|looking at|viewing} different events {you will get a good|this will give you an} idea of whether or not the photographer is {always|consistently} good…or just lucky every {once in a while|now and then}.

{By having|Having an assistant or second photographer} {could possibly|could help to} make the shoot run {a lot more|more} smoothly. Two heads are better than one, {right?|and all that!} An assistant or second photographer {will also|could} mean have the same {pictures|shots} taken from different angles and therefore {showing|displaying} different effects. {Finally|Also}, there will be a {a bit of|a little|little bit of} insurance {that they will not miss|of not missing} shots {should the equipment of the first photographer break|if the equipment of the first photographer breaks} down.

{It is|It’s} {very important|vital|important} {that you|to} establish exactly {what it is that|what} {you are|you’re} getting for your money before you {hire the sports photographer|sign any contracts}. {How long will the photographer {stay|remain}|How {long|much time} will the photographer be} at the {sporting event|event}? {Exactly how|How} many {photos|photographs|images} will {be delivered|you get}? How will {you receive the {proofs|proofs to choose from}|the proofs be delivered}? Will {the photographer {do|carry out} any|there be} post-production editing of {photos|photographs|images} {to remove any blemishes|so any blemishes can be removed}? {Wiil|Does} the {package that you choose|package you choose|package} include albums or framed photographs?

{In addition|Also}, {ensure|ensure that|make sure that|make sure} you ask how long you have to decide which {photos|photographs|images} you would like delivered after seeing the proofs, and how long {it takes|does it take} to {receive|get} the final {photographs|delivery}?

{Seriously, it’s|It’s} {vital that you|really important to} ask {these|all these} questions and don’t {make assumptions|just assume}. {Doing this means that|Then|That way} you can avoid disappointment and arguments because your expectations {haven’t been|weren’t} met.

Call us to schedule an appointment at |#telephone#|##|city

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Call us to schedule an appointment at |#telephone#|##|city

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